Peter Walker

The Belfast School of Architecture is almost unique in the UK and Ireland in gathering architecture, architectural technology, furniture and product design, and interior design under one roof. It is likewise almost unique to be in the centre of a Faculty with engineering and planning as the School of Built Environment on one side and the Belfast School of Art on the other. This suits us perfectly, for we are a School that draws on that breadth for our teaching and research.

The School educates architects, designers and technologists to help create a better quality of life. We are innovators, problem solvers and risk takers. But in order to affect change in the 21st century we have to know how to design, how things go together, how things get made but also how to make things happen. Being enterprising is more and more a key skill.

Most of the School is in a new, purpose-built building in the emerging cultural quarter of Belfast. The rest will join us here in a few years. On both campuses we are blessed with a huge range of fantastic workshops, excellent learning resource centres and a studio place for every student. Our courses are small so that students will develop as individuals.

The Belfast School of Architecture has recently completed a strategic review and this has resulted in a number of important changes for September 2012. One, we have redesigned our courses to have students and lecturers from our different areas teaching, talking and researching together a lot more. Two, we will be a School with a focus on making things and on making opportunities. Three, we will bring our considerable research and scholarship directly in to our teaching and to developing new masters courses. Helping to create a better environment in which to live is behind everything we do.

Professor Peter Walker, Head of School



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